Equinox Lincoln Common

Architecture Team Lead. Staff development. In progress

33,000 square feet, $15.5 million, $454 per square foot

As Culinary Director for the music festival, the Chef entertained after the shows at his Michelin two star restaurant. This was not an ideal venue, and was often left worse for wear.

G.E.B. was a place to take bands after Lollapalooza. Rock & roll was in the restaurant’s DNA. To develop the aesthetic concept, we paired music with its close cousin religion, and used religious symbolism as a subtle contrast to shape the restaurants identity.

Those two ideas come together in the large open kitchen that is both stage and alter, where the chefs both perform for the customers and carry out the sacred task of cooking.

Project Information and Credits:
Firm: Zimmerman Weintraub Associates
ZWA Project Team: Beth Leabru, Club Project Architect; Margaret Sigwalt, Pre-sale Office Project Architect; David Rodeman, Bryan Bietsch, Erinn Lyons
Location: Chicago, IL
Scope: New athletic club build-out
Services: Architectural design, AOR services
Size: 33,000 sf
Budget: Approx. $15.5 m for all construction & FF&E
Client: Equinox
Interior Designer: Meyer Davis
Structural Engineer: McLaren Engineering Group
MEP Engineer: Henderson Engineering
Acoustical Consultant: SIA Acoustics
Lighting Designer: Lighting Workshop
Specifications Consultant: ArchiTech Consulting
Builder: TBD
Photos: Equinox, ZWA
Project Duration: 18 months, start of design to opening (projected)