Do I look like a people person?

Keep scrolling to find out…

Hello! I’m
Richard Avery.

I’m a designer, educator, and architect, and I’ve been doing these things for a long time.

I’m currently Design Director at Zimmerman Weintraub Associates (ZWA), in Chicago, IL.

I’m the lead design architect for custom projects and lead technical architect for retail clients such as Starbucks and Equinox Fitness Clubs.

I am also actively involved in leadership of the firm.

Prior to ZWA, I was a sole practitioner for 12 years. Along with that, I taught undergraduate and graduate students as an adjunct instructor at Harrington College of Design.

All that is just resume stuff, though.

(which you can find HERE, by the way)

If you are visiting this site what you want is the rest of the story, the stuff that is harder to turn into bullet points.

So let’s go back to that original question, do I look like a people person?

I can’t speak for how you perceive my appearance, but I can tell you that what makes architecture and design fulfilling for me is that it gets me closer to people.

I’ve been around the block a few times and been involved in more projects than I can remember. I’ve learned that what we do is hard and it’s easy to screw it up. The risk and reward often seem out of whack, but what brings them into balance for me is that everyday I get to connect with people either through the act of doing the work or in being part of creating things that are meaningful to others.

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