Urban Culver’s

My client was a Culver’s franchisee who had been the first to bring the chain to the Chicago area.

For his first store in the city, on a lot near Wrigley Field, the economics of the project dictated that it would be the first Culver’s in a multi-story, mixed use building. I had to spend a lot of time educating the folks at Culver’s corporate headquarters to get them comfortable with the idea of this.

The design of the building had to reconcile two conflicting internal forces. The restaurant had to stand out clearly on the busy street, but the stigma associated with living above a fast food restaurant could impact the desirability, and hence rents, of the apartments.

To accomplish this, we used the classic Culver’s blue to demarcate the first floor restaurant and signage tower, while expressing the residential portions with wood finish nichiha panels, sunscreens and trellises.