ZWA Website Art Direction

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A Tool for Changing Trajectory

Zimmerman Weintraub Associates is working to broaden its services to include more custom design. In order to accomplish this, a new website was needed to communicate to the world what the firm is capable of. Given my experience with doing custom hospitality and residential work, I was tasked with providing art and editorial direction for this endeavor. Marc Howell & Luke Paisley of Sorry Design were enlisted as graphic designers and developers for the web site.

The task had two distinct challenges. First, it had to convey and speak to all the service sectors of the firm — custom and programmatic architecture and design, and project management. The audiences for each of these services are different, but they all need to be addressed by the same website. Second, and more dauntingly, it had to convey that the firm is capable of great custom design work, despite not having a deep portfolio.

I enlisted Matt Rose, who worked with me on the proposal re-design, to help with developing concepts for the editorial direction. We presented three options from which one was chosen. I further developed and elaborated this concept into text which Sorry Design used as a starting point for their graphic and website design.

An in progress mock-up of the front page is shown here.

Project Information and Credits:
Firm: Zimmerman Weintraub Associates
ZWA Project Team: Richard Avery & Matt Rose, concept development; Sorry Design, website design and programming; Richard Avery, art & editorial direction and text